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Here at Paramiliar Design Studios we pride ourselves on the comments we receive from both our clients and fellow website design teams. Below you will find just a small sample of some of those testimonials.

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"  Before Paramiliar Design Studios optimised our website for search engines we where spending over ?250 a week on pay per click campaigns. Now thanks to their help we spend less than 10% of that! We owe them a great deal.
" Simon Parkinson  -

"  When Paramiliar Design Studios developed our content management system, we were ecstatic. Before we had to know how to use HTML coding to do anything but now it?s incredibly easy with a WYSIWYG editor that allows us to make the changes we need in a fraction of the time.
" Rob Johnson  -

"  We hired Paramiliar Design Studios to create our website layout, we wasn?t expecting much but what we got far out weighed our expectations, when a customers visits our site the one thing they always say is how good it looks and what makes it better is it loads up in no time at all! So not only do we have a fantastic looking website but a super fast website as well.
" Rob Johnson  -

"  We approached Paramiliar Design Studios with a problem we were having in our warehouse, too much time was being spent on picking the products off the shelf, packaging them up and then creating the label that would be placed on the packaging. They came to visit our warehouse and immediately started telling us where we could improve the system. Now we have all our products in dedicated labelled bays, this has meant the problem of wrong products being sent has been resolved. But not only did they solve this problem for free they also integrated a barcode system on our picking slips which meant once the order had been packaged the barcode was scanned in and the label produced for us automatically with an email being sent to the customer telling them their goods where ready for despatch. We can?t thank them enough!
" David Lynch  -

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